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A mobile application to help you stop un-aliving your plants.

Project Overview

The Problem

The User

The Design

Prototyping & Testing

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The idea for this app came to me as I was tossing yet another dead plant into the garbage. (This one was a Boston Fern named Medusa)

What would help me remember when to water my plants? A mobile app! I searched the app store, downloading and testing our a few but not loving any. So I created my own.

My Role


Tools Used

UX Designer

Brand Designer


User Researcher

Solo Project 




Mission: Keep my plants alive

To do this I created a mobile app that has a stylish and easy to navigate interface. This app reminds you when to water, mist and fertilize. Making it easy to keep

The Facts

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During Covid, house plant sales went up by 18%

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A study conducted by OnPoint and Article surveyed 2,000 millennials showed 81% of people say adding plants to their home has had a positive impact on their mental health.

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66% of American house holds own one or more house plants.

Project Overview

The Problem

The User

The Design

Prototyping & Testing

The Problem

While searching for an app that would work for me I found other plant reminder apps thave very confusing interfaces. Or I was required to tell the app how often I should water when I was looking for an app to tell me how often certain types of plants should be watered.

Market Research

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Focuses around a discussion board not so much on the actual reminders or care of your plant.

Separates tasks by each room your plants are located. Very confusing when trying to figure out which plants need watering each day.

The user has to input how often their plants should be watered instead of the app providing that information.


Of the 2,000 millennials surveyed said they were apprehensive about owning a plant because they’ve accidentally killed one in the past.


7 out of 10 millennials consider themselves ‘plant parents’.


On average, each person has killed 7 plants.

Project Overview

The Problem

The User

The Design

Prototyping & Testing

Who are the users?

79% Women
21% Men

5 out of the 6 million people who took up gardening in 2016 are between the ages of 18-34.

A New York based online plant store ‘Rooted’ says 93% of their customers are millennials.

Why are Millennials so drawn to houseplants?
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With the stress of the pandemic, demanding jobs and working from home. People are looking for different ways to relieve stress and increase their mental happiness.Only 15 minutes of interaction with houseplants reduces stress levels.

Social Media plays a big part in millennials daily lives. With plantfluencers whose instagram has upwards of 20,000 followers.

A younger generation (urban, cash-strapped, Insta-obsessed and renting) are driving houseplant sales, sharing pictures of their plant babies instead of the human ones they can’t afford.

Getting to know the Users.

I asked nine potential users what their biggest frustrations with bringing a new plant home is. Here are their top three responses.

1. Not knowing how often to water plants.

2. Where in the house will the plant be most happy. (Best conditions for plant based on light and humidity.)

3. Not wanting to spend money on a plant they might kill.

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Can we skip to the good part?

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