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Images from MedReminder App


Have you ever forgotten to take your vitamins or medication? MEDReminder works as a daily alarm to 

remind you to take your meds. You can also track and review which days each medication was taken as well as easily contact your pharmacy when you need refills. Designed to help you never miss a day and stay healthy.

cute robot holding medication

Target Audience 

This application was originally thought up to help my grandmother, who was having a hard time remembering to take her medicine everyday. The intent was for elderly people to use this but during user research I learned that it also helpful for parents to keep track of their children's medication. 

Design Process

I use the double diamond method from start to finish. 

double diamond strategy image

Primary Research- conducting interviews with a broad group of people about what they would like to see in a medication reminder app? Do they already have a system for keeping track of their medication and if they took it on time?

Secondary Research- competitors audit. I compared other apps currently on the market and noted what works with them and what can be improved.


Once I have a specific goal in mind from my discover and define stage I create a user journey (specifically how I want the user to feel going through the happy path). 

I am a big fan of the crazy 8's method and usually use this technique multiple times for each screen.


Finding Insights- what do people currently use to keep track of their medication?

HMW- How might we make this easier for the user?

How might we make this more inclusive for people with varying abilities?

Dividing common frustrations, goals and general insights into categories. 


Creating low fidelity wireframes and prototypes leads me to my favorite part of the design process- user testing. Getting feedback from users is the most important part of this process.

After user testing I use Affinity diagrams to organize all the feedback I received and prioritized what should be addressed first. Before finally creating hi-fi prototypes.

Main Flow

hi-fi user flow images

From start to finish the app walks users through the process of registering to adding their first medication and what time the user wants to be reminded to take it. With clean and clear instructions, colors and type the user can easily get started. 

Images of reminder screens

Reminder Screen

Once they open the notification and unlock their phone, this screen with open to let them know it is time to take their meds. The user then has to click the thumbs up button to let the app know that they have taken this medication.

Additional Screens

The calendar feature shows you which days you've "thumbs-ed up" (taken your medication) or if you've missed any days.

Users can edit their information easily in profile mode.

The Refill Reminder page gives a link to the phone number of their pharmacy to easily call and refill their medication. As well as directions connected to either Google maps, Waze or Apple maps.

additional screens within the app

Key Features

Alarm reminder to take medications.

Keeps track of your pill history. 

User can add multiple times throughout day to be reminded to take meds.

App reminds you if your medication should be taken with or without food.

Option to add multiple medications.

Refill reminder. This app keeps track of how many pills you have left and reminds you to refill when there are less than five.

hi-fi images of all screens

Future Features

notification icon

Notifies a family member or caregiver when you've forgotten to take your medication.

profile icon

Option to have multiple profiles to help keep track of your whole families medication schedule.

chat icon

Connect directly through the app to ask your doctor or pharmacist questions.

Thank You.

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