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London Art Gallery App Screenshots


To create an app for the user to have a seamless experience finding art and getting their questions answered when they are unable to find an employee or walk around the gallery. 

This app will have a simple, easy to navigate homepage that can be understood by any user regardless of english proficiency. 

Through my research, I could see there are a few apps for museums and galleries that have maps to guide you through the space but no additional information or feature to learn more.

Pain Points

Wanting to see all the art pieces but not being able to view the whole art gallery.

Not everyone wants to or can take a guided tour but they want to learn more information about each piece, more than is offered on the information card.

Employees find that people stay longer when they can interact with the art piece in some way.



Illustration of elderly woman.
Gloria Lasek, 72
Retired Secretary
London, England

Painting and playing with her grandchildren.

TEch Use
tech savy 4 real.jpg
early adopter.jpg
mobile app user.jpg

Tech Savy

Early Adopter

Mobile App Use

What is your biggest frustration going to art galleries?

“My husband and I enjoy visiting art galleries but we don’t have the energy to walk around the whole gallery and see everything.” 

What is the most important feature you would like included in an app?

"I would love to learn more about each piece of art without taking a tour or having to google each piece. My husband also enjoys saving his favorite pieces to his phone."

WireFrame Sketches

I created a storyboard ...

Sketch of storyboard.
lo-fi sketches

Drew many options...

lo-fi skethes
lo-fi sketches
iteration After User Research
lo-fi design before user testing
hi-fi homepage after user testing

One of the changes I made after conducting tests with users was the layout of the homepage. A small but affective change. 

I asked all users to navigate to different features within the app using the low fidelity prototype. When asked to navigate to the "map" feature, 100% of them used the bottom bar option. 

One of the users said "when there is too much going on, I become overwhelmed and takes me a long time to find what I need."

I decided to change the home page to only include the Virtual Tour, Audio Tour and Scan Art feature to simplify the page and keep the Map feature in the bottom bar.

High Fidelity
hi-fi images of one user flow


At the end of this project I came up with an easy to use app that solved the key pain points and wants of the user. With an option for users to listen to voice that describes the art work they are viewing, a visual tour if they are unable to make it around the entire gallery as well as an option to scan a piece of work and learn more. 


An additional feature is a 'favorites page' where users can save their favorite pieces of art and some additional information about them.

illustration of woman using app

Thank you.

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